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Yours Fairstone Immigration Services is not only your partner for immigration to Canada but also for your future immigration matters such as your PR renewal, Citizenship and getting relatives/friends to Canada. We are an acclaimed immigration consultancy which is engaged in propounding matchless visa services from 7+ years. Company has facilitated recruitments to more than 500 students. We have delivered quality students to the universities/Colleges while our evident growth is also based on genuine advice, prestigious representations rendered to students. With a sole motive of guiding students towards the right path to justified immigration and promising bright future. We are now one of the most prestigious and successful agencies in the business of foreign education and Immigration. Simultaneously, witnessing the mounting scale of global job opportunities and immense demand of Indian talent in giant economies of the world, we are now pitched for immigration and recruitment to these countries along with the student enrollment.

As accredited members of ICCRC we ensure that we are giving our clients only the highest standards of service. We are genuine partners of those aspiring to travel abroad and those hoping to settle in a new country. The services we provide are geared towards not being one-time solutions, but to be a comprehensive bouquet of services that will help our clients in a variety of situations.

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Yours Fairstone Immigration Services is a team of reliable and qualified experts, trained in immigration and visa services.