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Canada’s Start Up Visa Program

 If you're trying to find a pathway to immigrate to Canada as an investor, you'll be eligible for the Startup Visa program.
 The startup visa program was launched in year 2013 and it was made permanent in year 2018.
 As of June 2021, this can be the sole program that enables you to immigrate to Canada and acquire your Permanent Residency in as little as 12 months, with no must have your finances audited.
 Our firm has represented number of Start-Up Visa applicants.
 This online page describes the SUV program, gives statistics on approved SUV applications, and explains how we will facilitate your immigration to Canada using this program.

How much does the startup Visa Business Incubator Service Cost?

 The cost is canadian $2100 per month for a one-owner set-out Business.
  The maximum duration of the incubator contract is eighteen months.
Regardless of how long it takes to urge your PR file approved, your maximum spends on embarking on Visa Incubator Fees is Canadian $ 37,800.

What is required within the Startup Visa Business Plan?

The Startup Visa business plan could be a simple explanation of your business idea. The Startup Visa business plan features a strict length limit, and you ought to not waste money on companies who will try and sell you a 20+ page business plan. this can be a waste of funds and therefore the incubator won't accept, nor will they read, this sort of documentation.
The best Startup Visa Business Plan is brief and concise, and can explain the following:
 Who are your founders/members and what's their professional background.
 What is your business idea, that anybody can understand.
 How much business cost to get started.
 What is your ‘burn rate’ – what quantity of cash will you like monthly to urge your business up and running in Canada.
  What is your current stage: its an idea, you have a prototype, you already have clients, etc.

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