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The study permit is a document which is issued by govermnent of canada that allows foreign nationals to study at designated learning institutions (DLI) in Canada. Most foreign nationals need a study permit to study in Canada. Make sure you have all the documents you need before you apply. You should apply before you travel to Canada.

We are a trusted representative for a student who wishes go for their education in Canada. Yours Fairstone Immigration Services will assist you can select appropriate institutions that may fit your needs. We work effortlessly to make sure 100% satisfaction. Canada is a world education destination. Canada offers a globally well-recognized education system. Canadian degrees, diplomas, and certificates of Canada are often considered first-rate. We are a well-rated Canadian immigration company that's based in Canada to simply assist students throughout the immigration process.

EligibilitY Criteria:

Education Qualification

1. The minimum eligibility criterion is graduate with 50% score from a UGC or AICTE recognized university.
2. However, the below factors make the client case an exception and a KB query should be raised to require confirmation on whether you'll enroll the client or not before you sell.

Year Back

The graduation degree should be completed within the stipulated time with no-year back. (Example: B.Com may be a 3-year degree. The client should have completed it within 3 years.)


The client should not have more than 10 backlogs in his/her graduation period.

After You Graduate:

 Canada has provided ways to encourage international students and graduates to stay, gain work experience, or otherwise contribute to Canada’s economy and culture.
 In its effort to retain international students, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) operates a Post-Graduate Work Permit Program. Under this program, international graduates may obtain an open work permit for up to three years.
 This allows them to work for any Canadian employer in any industry without the requirement of a Canadian job offer at the time of applying.

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